DRI Life, Health & Disability Seminar April 28-30, 2010 (Chicago)

DRI’s Life Health, Disability and ERISA Claims Seminar returns to Chicago and promises to bring with it practical guidance for claims and legal professionals. This seminar provides unparalleled presentations by distinguished inside and outside counsel, as well as judiciary and medical experts. The expert faculty will focus on practical pointers, checklists and best practices that can be utilized daily. The 2010 seminar offers more continuing legal education than ever before. The first day of this program includes three parallel tracks of focused programming (Life, Health …

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National Association of Insurance Commissioners Government Relations Leadership Council approved proposed legislation intended to modernize regulation of reinsurance by the states for submission to Congress

Last week, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Government Relations Leadership Council approved proposed legislation intended to modernize regulation of reinsurance by the states for submission to Congress.  The proposed legislation establishes a "Reinsurance Supervision Review Board," which has power to:

"(1) evaluate the reinsurance supervisory systems of the States to determine whether such jurisdictions qualify as Home State Supervisors or Port of Entry Supervisors under standards recommended by the NAIC and adopted by the Board;

(2) evaluate the reinsurance supervisory systems of non-U.S. Jurisdictions

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International Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy to be Held November 18 – 20 in Chicago

The International Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy is an educational program designed to provide advanced practice and training on arbitration and mediation. Over three days, our expert faculty, consisting of practitioners, mediators, and arbitrators, will lead participants through a combination of interactive discussions and workshops. The program will follow a proven format of demonstration and hands-on practice.

Highlights will include small group sessions on drafting ADR provisions and building a winning case based upon a hypothetical fact pattern. Mock role-playing vignettes will demonstrate how to prepare your client …

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Goldberg Segalla Attorney Daniel W. Gerber to Speak at Defense Research Institute Annual Meeting

Goldberg Segalla Partner and Chair of its Global Insurance Services Practice, Daniel W. Gerber, will speak at DRI's Annual Meeting in Chicago. Mr. Gerber will moderate a panel entitled "What We All Need to Know About Shifitng the Risk in This Economy – It's All About Risk Managment".  The Annual Meeting is to be held October 7-11, 2009 and will feature author Doris Kearns Goodwin and former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, as well  former Solicitor Generals Kenneth Star and Theodore Olson. To view the Annual

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Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) Issuing Major Revisions to the Law Governing Insurance in China.

The Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) is issuing major revisions to the law governing insurance in China.  These new revisions are meant to offer better protection to the insureds and reinforce controls on insurers.  The new laws are expected to go into effect on October 1, 2009. 



Many of the changes involve contract certainty, timeliness and claim handling.  For example, the insurers will now only be able to rescind policies for nondisclosure or misrepresentation 30 days from first learning

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Lloyd’s enforcement board publishes Notice of censure for Ark Syndicate Management (ASM) employees

A  recent Lloyd's Market Bulletin explains the facts surrounding censure of three person who, while moving to the employment of a competitor, breached of their obligations to their previous employer.

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By Daniel W. Gerber and Jeffrey L. Kingsley



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GS Insurance CaseWatch – Bi-Weekly Update of Recent Appellate Insurance Decisions in U.S.

Update of All New Coverage Decisions in U.S.for June 8, 2009

CaseWatch: Insurance is free and provides timely summaries of and access to insurance law decisions from all the appellate courts of the United States. It is distributed bi-weekly. For ease of reference, CaseWatch is organized by topic. Jurisdictional information and links to full text decisions, where available, are found in individual case titles.

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By Daniel W. Gerber


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Swine Flu Policies Are Now Being Offered in Hong Kong

Several publications are now reporting that several insurers, including AIG, are providing cash payments to travelers forced to be quarantined when overseas or on returning to Hong Kong as a result of the H1N1 virus known commonly as the "swine flu." 

Moreover the policy also provides that if an insured dies due to swine flu complications the insured's beneficiaries would also receive monetary payments.  The current policy being offered by AIG/Hong Kong Travel allows individual to obtain approximately $600 per day if quarantined or diagnosed with the swine

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