Insurance Legislative Update for United States

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Senate Bill 119

(Introduced Feb. 2, 2009, Last Action July 27, 2009-To Governor)

This bill extends the expiration date of existing law that prohibits the bringing of an action against an insurer in providing professional liability insurance policies to health care providers for statements made in bad faith unless the statement was made under a specified circumstance.


House Bill 876

(Introduced Jan. 19, 2009, Last Action July 22, 2009-In Joint Committee)

This bill discourages uninsured motorists by limiting their bodily injury liability compensation.


House Bill 947

(Introduced Jan. 19, 2009, Last Action July 22, 2009-To Joint Committee on Financial Services)

This bill relates to liquor legal liability insurance.

New Hampshire

House Bill 680

(Introduced Jan. 8, 2009, Last Action July 16, 2009)

This bill makes certain technical changes in the insurance law and provides that insurers must use the legal name filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on policies, contracts, advertisements and prudent promotional materials.  This bill also relates to fire insurance, casualty insurance, vehicle insurance, unfair insurance practices, reporting requirements, liability insurance and commercial insurance.

New York

Assembly Bill 7122

(Introduced Mar. 20, 2009, Last Action July 16, 2009-Pass Senate)

This bill extends the time for filing a Notice of Claim for injuries suffered as a result of participation in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery or clean up operations.

New York

Senate Bill 4080

(Introduced Apr. 9, 2009, Last Action July 16, 2009-To Senate Committee on Rules)

This bill provides for the equal treatment of public and private defendants when considering the impact of collateral source payments and tort claims for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death. It protects parties to the settlement of tort claims from certain unwarranted liens, reimbursements and subrogation claims.

North Carolina

Senate Bill 660

(Introduced Mar. 18, 2009, Last Action July 30, 2009-Eligible for Governor’s Desk)

This bill provides an alternative method of determining property damages as a part of motor vehicle liability insurance.


Assembly Bill 352

(Introduced July 28, 2009, Last Action July 28, 2009)

This bill relates to vehicle owner liability for a vehicle failure to stop as required for a school bus.


By Kimberlee L. Danieu