Failure to Answer Question on Application for Insurance Truthfully Held to be Grounds for Rescission

Policyholders have an affirmative duty to read the questions asked on an insurance application carefully and will be bound by the answers provided. So stated the United States District Court of the District of Connecticut when it held that a policyholder’s answer of “no” to a question asking whether any of its officers was the subject of a governmental investigation was knowingly false and material to the insurer’s decisions to issue the liability insurance policy. Zurich Am. Ins. Co. v. Expedient Title, Inc., …

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Connecticut Supreme Court Makes Significant Ruling in Data Breach Case

The Connecticut Supreme Court made a very significant ruling yesterday in Recall Total Information Management, Inc. v. Federal Insurance Co., adopting wholesale the Appellate Court’s well-reasoned ruling that an insured’s loss of sensitive records, without more, does not constitute a “publication” of material that violates a person’s right of privacy. Notably, the Appellate Court held that absent proof of an unauthorized third party’s access to the personal identification information, the “publication” element of the Privacy Offense (under the definition of “personal and advertising injury” …

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New Connecticut Law Allows Disaster Mediation Program for Property Insurance Claims

On June 21, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed into law Substitute House Bill No. 6549, Public Act No. 13-148, which allows the Connecticut State Insurance Department to set up a mediation program for insurance claims arising from a catastrophic event. The bill will allow for a program which permits policyholders to mediate property insurance claims which arise out of a catastrophic event, if the catastrophic event gives rise to a declared state of emergency.

The law follows was designed after to promote efficiencies in …

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