The Modern Fraudster: How Courts Are Responding to Social Engineering Fraud

In an article for Insurance Journal, Goldberg Segalla partner Jonathan L. Schwartz and associate Colin B. Willmott, members of the Global Insurance Services Practice Group in the firm’s Chicago office, write about social engineering fraud (SEF) and questions over availability of insurance coverage for SEF under commercial crime policies — an issue the Second and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeals are set to clarify in 2018.

SEF includes now-common types of fraud involving digital communications: phishing/whaling, spoofing, and impersonating or pretexting. “A common …

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Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware of Health Care Phish

Caveat emptor — “Let the buyer beware” is a good rule of thumb for people to keep in mind as they begin to sign up for health insurance under the new exchanges established in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Law enforcement and security professionals are warning consumers to beware of phishing schemes associated with the new health care exchanges. Insurers and employers alike can assist in this effort by educating consumers and employees on this danger and provide practical suggestions for ensuring that they …

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